The Problem

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So the one thing I love about consulting is being able to solve problems for my clients. I love to sit down with them and hash out “The Problem” and where they would like to see their business in the future. I think a lot of consultants today lack the ability to slow down and listen to what the clients problem is and the steps needed to get there. I constantly communicate with my clients and I’ve even had some apologize for and I quote “being a naggy client”. My response to this was “Don’t ever apologize for communicating what you want to have done”. Hell, I’ll tell you whether it’s do-able or not, but if you want to see results than always be honest with your consultant. If you’re not happy, then it’s time to move on to someone who will listen to you and get the work done. I’m in the business of change and there are a million way’s we can get to the finish line, but let’s take a minute and get there together.